Our Garden “De Heerenhof”

For over 30 years we have developed our own garden De Heerenhof. We both work in the theatre; Jo Willems is theatre director and Jan van Opstal is a choreographer. The background of theatre and dance is visible in the strong choice of different garden-scenes with all the scenes having their own plot. It is visible in the repetition of planting material both in the old more romantic garden and in the more minimalistic new garden.
A theatre director and a choreographer making gardens together must result in a special signature; drama, structure, senses, repetition, broken expectations, contrast, passion. All terms in what we think and work with in both fields; theatre and gardening.
Just like theatre spectator, garden visitors are an inspiration for us. We rehearse by changing the border, by pruning the trees in dramatical forms, we bring sudden surprises by using perennials and so we try to give our guests a garden experience he will not forget.
The ultimate result for us is a visitor who is surprised , amused and goes on repetitive tours of the garden and returns home with renewed energy.
The publication in The Gardener’s Garden , a book about the 250 “must have seen” gardens in the world was for us a surprising recognition of our work. This book present gardens all over the world in which passion is the key factor. With passion we work and with passion we Garden.

Our ‘old’ garden

Our ‘new’ garden

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